Winterset Fieldhouse Business Plan

Introduction and Background 

In 2022, the city of Winterset embarked on a Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan, which identified indoor recreation spaces as a priority for quality-of-life investments. It was determined of importance to conduct a business plan to better understand the cost of building and operating the facility and achieve defined outcomes, such as a minimum of 100% cost recovery. During the conceptual design process, the facility began to take the shape of a community fieldhouse.  The fieldhouse design maximizes space, creating a flexible and functional facility for athletics, but also provides for a wide range of other activities.

To better understand the capabilities of the community fieldhouse, an analysis was completed on current demographic, area trends, and similar providers in the market.  This helped to develop the program of spaces to include in the facility.  The initial core program was then used by the architect to allocate space.  The initial core program is used as a starting point for facility layout and adjustments are expected in which spaces to incorporate, size of spaces, and location, as the consulting team works through details with city staff to reach a final design. 

Winterset has a rural city charm that has kept it quaint through the decades.  Although part of the Desmo Metro Area, approximately 30 miles from the state capital, the city lacks many of the quality-of-life facilities in the region.  The city has made investments over the years to improve the quality of life, such as sports fields, an aquatic center, and a campground.  Indoor recreational spaces, such as those planned in the Fieldhouse, will provide year-round activities that build upon the success already captured by past investments and as stated in the parks and Recreation Master Plan and Community Needs Assessment.  The community has consistently provided input in prior plans, like the City Comprehensive Plan that indoor recreation spaces were needed and the highest desired amenity to improve their quality of life.  

The intent of the facility is to serve multigenerational visitors and members. The initial Fieldhouse conceptual design is 46,350 square feet, all on one level.

The development of a community fieldhouse will enhance the local quality of life by providing several significant benefits, including: 

  • Improved health and well-being: The fieldhouse will provide a place for all ages to engage in physical activity and recreation, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and improving mental health.
  • Increased community engagement and social cohesion: The Fieldhouse will provide a place for residents to gather and socialize year-round, which can help to build stronger community ties and reduce social isolation.
  • Property values: Attractive quality of life facilities, like the Fieldhouse, can enhance property values and contribute to redevelopment efforts.  Areas with well maintained parks, green spaces, and indoor recreation facilities often experience increased property values, attracting new residents and businesses. 
  • Reduced crime rates and public safety: The fieldhouse and vibrant public spaces contribute to lower crime rates.  When communities have access to quality amenities and feel ownership, they are more likely to engage in crime prevention and foster a safer environment for all.
  • Economic development: The fieldhouse can be attractive to new residents and potential new businesses to the city, and it can also generate revenue from membership fees and program fees to offset operational costs.


Public Meetings

On February 15, 2024, two public meetings were held at the Winterset Library at 9:00am and 6:00pm.  Over 70 interested individuals attended the Winterset Fieldhouse Business Plan Public Meetings. 

To view the meeting, please visit the link below.

Winterset Fieldhouse Public Meeting Presentation 2.15.24

To view only the slide deck, Winterset Fieldhouse Presentation.pdf

Thank you to Confluence, Studio Melee & PROS Consulting for assisting in the development of our Fieldhouse Business Plan.