Winterset Skate Park/Rotary Plaza

The Winterset Skate Park, located at 517 South 4th Avenue, is a street-plaza style design with various transitions and features for all skill levels. The skate park opened up last year and provides our community a safe place for area skaters to enjoy this action sport and develop skills while increasing fitness levels. A new shelter house, picnic tables, benches and landscaping amenities are planned to enhance your experience at this park.

The Winterset Skate Park is the result of a great community effort that began in 2009. Bob Kaldenberg and the Friends of the Winterset Area Skate Park (WASP) Committee started the push for a skate park. After a few years, the Winterset Rotary Club got involved and provided tremendous leadership, dedication and persistence in getting this project completed. Fundraising efforts totaled $180,000. The Winterset Schools provided the site, next to the elementary school. The WPRD is very thankful to the Rotary Club, Winterset Schools and all those in our wonderful community who supported this project. The Winterset Skate Park is a great addition to our parks system.