Parks, Recreation, Trails Master Plan and Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment (2021)

The purpose of this statistically valid needs assessment was to help determine priorities for the community.  The survey was developed to analyze the community's opinion about various topics regarding parks, facilities, events, programs, and improvements.  As well as gathering public opinion, the survey was developed to better understand the community's needs for amenities and programs that will be crucial for the future investments that best fit the desires of the community. 

The survey results have a precision of +/- 5% at the 95% level of confidence.  This means that if the same survey was administered 100 times, 95 out of those 100 times we would get the same results within our margin of errror.

Winterset Needs Assessment (PDF)

Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan (2022)

The City of Winterset partnered with Confluence to create both a Comprehensive Plan and a Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan to establish a robust vision for the community's future.  Winterset has experienced steady growth over the last few decades and is a family - centric community.  This implies a need for parks, trails, and recreation services for a wide range of age groups.

Public input conveyed a high importance on maintaining the high-quality parks and recreation spaces as they contribute to the over quality of life in Winterset.  Many residents indicated a desire for an expanded trail network, updated park amenities, and additional park space on the northwest portion of town.  The intention of this plan is to guide the City on how to address and accomplish these desires of the community.

Recommendations To Improve Existing and Future Facilities

  1. Improve Giffin Fields and Connect Memory Lane Park to Giffin Fields
  2. Develop a Master Plan for the 17 acres of City owned land north of the Martin Marietta Soccer Complex
  3. Construct and Indoor Recreation Facility and Improve Martin Marietta Soccer Complex
  4. Continue with construction at the Master Planned 17 acre site
  5. Complete remaining improvements at Martin Marietta Softball Comp

Thank you to Confluence for assisting in the development of our Parks/Recreation/Trails Master Plan.

Parks, Recreation, Trails Master Plan (PDF)