How do I report a Pothole?

Please call 515-462-4273 or email  The address or intersection is needed when reporting a pothole.  

We will quickly evaluate the area of damaged pavement and determine how to best address it. We appreciate your input and patience as we address pavement issues throughout Winterset’s street network.    Some of the factors we take into consideration when evaluating and repairing potholes include:  

  • Is the pothole creating a safety issue for drivers, cyclists, and/or pedestrians? 

  • How severe is the damage to the pavement? 

  • Is the pothole deep enough to actually hold patching material? 

  • How much traffic is traveling over the damaged pavement? 

  • How do we most efficiently address this pothole given other pavement repair work that needs to be done on that street or nearby streets? 

  • Can public works crews safely access the area and make the repairs? 

  • Given weather conditions, what kind of patching material can we use to repair the pavement?  

  • Is it more appropriate to do a temporary or longer-term repair? 

The Winterset Street Department team uses multiple methods and materials to maintain and repair streets including cold patch, hot mix asphalt, mastic, crack sealing, full-depth concrete repair,  and partial depth concrete repair.  The strategy we deploy in each situation depends on the weather conditions, outside temperatures, availability of materials, and the underlying condition of the street around the damaged pavement. 

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1. How do I report a Pothole?
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